Think Like Mr. Friendly
Thoughts of Mr. Friendly
I want to deliver happiness to people all over the world!
Humans, animals, trees and plants, I want all nature to be on good terms!
MR. FRIENDLY always thinks like that.
Even if you live in a different country or speak a different language, everyone should have the same smile.
MR.FRIENDLY hates sadness, hatred, strife and strife!
Because he is such a MR.FRIENDLY , everyone who sees his face will smile for some reason.
Look... it's strange because it makes me feel kind.
MR.FRIENDLY always, forever
Because I'm smiling next to you


In 1988, MR. FRIENDLY was born as a social character from the student brand "S・PAPA" with the concept of "Let's get along with friends".

1994 Opened the only shop "MR. FRIENDLY Daily Store" in Kanyama.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of his birth in 1998, a picture book was released.
Held the "MR.FRIENDLY LOVE&PEACE Exhibition" at Yurakucho Hankyu, Tokyo.

In 2000, the comic "Think Like Mr. Friendly" was serialized every Sunday in the Mainichi Shimbun's "Mainichi Elementary School Newspaper".

2003 Directed by Satoshi Fumihara (Studio Crocodile)
A short 3D animation of MR.FRIENDLY has been released.
DVD release.

Completed "MR.FRIENDLY SONG" composed by Shunichi Tokura.
“Think Like MR. FRIENDLY Caravan Tour” visits kindergartens and nursery schools to convey the importance of caring for others

In 2005, Mr. Shunichi Tokura was appointed as executive producer.
The musical animation "Friendly Avenue" is broadcast on TV Tokyo (Kanto Local).

During summer vacation in July and August,
MR.FRIENDLY is active as a navigator for the exhibition "Let's think about Earth for everyone" at the UN Gallery in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo (United Nations public relations agency).

An event was held at "Colette" in Paris, France on the 2007 Friendly Day (April 14th).

In 2008, Kanzan's only shop "MR.FRIENDLY Cafe" was reopened after renovation.

In support of the activities of the non-profit organization Gaia Initiative (Representative: Tomoyo Nonaka),
Participated in the “+1 Forest” event, which provided guidance on global warming countermeasures through tree planting.

"ECO FES" held at Omotesando Hills in 2009 and "Earth Day Tokyo" held at Yoyogi Park,
Participated in "Eco-Products" held at Tokyo Big Sight.

2009-2011 Using the rice field itself as a canvas,
Make a picture using rice of different colors,
MR. FRIENDLY's rice field art is held.
Participatory event held to learn the importance of making things by growing rice without pesticides.

In addition to the 2014 classic bite-sized hot cakes,
"mini x many pancakes" are now available.
The pancakes, which are completed with your name on them, quickly became one of the store's signature menu items.

MR.FRIENDLY Café reopened after renovation.