Chocolate chip hot cake with a hint of matcha!

Summer is very long this year.
Every day in this sweltering heat
A little exhausted.
I have to be careful about infection control,
But I want to go out and play,
With this heat, this daily conflict in my heart is already normal
It's becoming
Around here, a little Japanese atmosphere
For a change of pace, this season's
limited hot cake
"Slight matcha chocolate chip hot cake 9 pcs." ¥ 594 (TO ¥ 583)
A hot cake with a slight matcha flavor
Baked with bitter chocolate chips.
Now I'm thinking about something like "slightly carbonated", "slightly sugar", or "slightly al"
It seems that the flow of faint taste is coming,
The taste of hotcakes is somehow matcha.
I thought it might be okay, so I proposed it this time.
How about.
Tastes, in a good way, change with the times.
I want to be sensitive to such things.