Apple cinnamon season.

1 months to leave this year.

It's getting to be the season where you can feel the harshness of winter on your skin.

When the calendar becomes the last one, it becomes somewhat sad

I get sentimental, no, I still have a month left

It's a positive thought that the end of the year is in the future

There is. Either way, enjoy "now" to your heart's content

It's certainly wiser to put in the effort. especially in times like these,

I don't know what will happen as the situation changes day by day

So, how can I find my own “happiness”?

What you want to find and grab.

By the way, today is a limited time offer that is becoming a seasonal tradition.

Information about hot cakes.

"Apple cinnamon hot cake 9pcs." ¥594 (TO ¥583)

Cinnamon-scented dough filled with crunchy pieces

A hot cake baked with apple pulp.

Eat a bite in the cold season and warm up.

"Cute." "Delicious." "Warm."

I want you to feel that little happiness.

Don't miss out on the limited hot cakes that are unique to this season.