It is crowded with Christmas party parfait.

Just over a month until Christmas.

Gradually the illumination of the city and the tree of the shop

This season when you start to stand out and feel uplifted.

I can't say anything about the time of this countdown for Christmas

It's exciting, isn't it? Glitteringly beautiful and warm.

Even a friendly cafe makes everyone happy this time of year

I want to

We will propose a special limited-time menu this year as well.

"Christmas party parfait" ¥ 968

Strawberry ice cream on top of sponge cake and fruit

Raspberry sorbet. tree-shaped chocolate

Large chocolate-coated marshmallows, colorful

Topped with Star Ramune, it has a lively atmosphere.

And two friendly hot cakes stand in a row.

Wearing a Santa hat and holding a present.

"Wow... that sounds like fun..."

I would be very happy if you could feel that way.

May Mr. Friendly's smile reach everyone,

I made it with my wishes.

A Christmas tree is also decorated in the shop, and the atmosphere is perfect.

We want you to enjoy this seasonal friendly cafe.