Chocolate chip lemon hot cake!

This year too, this humid and gloomy season

It's here. When I woke up, my face was sticky with sweat.

I want to live smarter and cleaner than anyone else

Even though I think

However, crops need rain,

It is also necessary to acclimate your body to the heat of midsummer,

I have to get through it somehow.

I made a refreshing lemon-flavored hot cake.

The word "refreshing" is very important.

Lemon itself is very sour, but if you make hot cake

It tastes very refreshing.

Add bitter chocolate chips here for an accent.

"Chocolate chip lemon hot cake 9 pieces." ¥ 594 (TO ¥ 583)

As a healing sweet to survive this rainy season

Please try it.

Typhoons, linear rainfall belts, and the worst

Forgive me, but let's get along with nature,

whispered Mr. Friendly.

Good friends.