Exciting♡Valentine Parfait

Ah, my heart is pounding. This heart pounding.

I want to convey my feelings to the person I love.

On a special day called Valentine's Day.

I want you to remember this sweet and sad feeling

With this wish, from Mr. Friendly Cafe

It's delivered.

“Dokidoki♡Valentine Parfait” ¥1,089 (eat-in only)

Sponge cake, crunchy in a mug with Valentine's day design

Crunch chocolate, 3 types of ice cream (Framboise sorbet,

Jersey milk ice cream, strawberry ice cream) is on top.

Cocoa flavored pancake with heart in hand, strawberry and chocolate bar,

It's topped with a chocolate-coated friendly cookie.

Complete by inserting a pick filled with hearts.

Entrusted with a menu full of love from a friendly cafe

I want my thoughts to be received by many people.