Happy Valentine Parfait♡

A friend who suddenly shows his face.

Are you fidgeting? My best expression of affection.

There are many kinds of hearts in the world, some small

The color is different and the shape is a little strange.

But each of those hearts is sure to have that person's thoughts

I'm trying so hard to tell someone.

I want you to turn around. I want you to notice

Not only for lovers, family and friends, but now also for "push"

I'm pouring a lot of heart into it.

Valentine's Day is a genderless and borderless world.

“Happy Valentine Parfait” ¥979 (eat-in only)

Sponge cake & fruit in a Valentine mug,

Strawberry ice cream and chocolate ice cream on top of that,

Strawberry chocolate coated heart marshmallow

topping. Plain hot cake sticking out of the mug

There is also a small little heart sugar on the head.

The Valentine's limited parfait decorated with various hearts is ready.

"Thoughts" will surely reach you.

Cheering sweets from the friendly cafe!