Limited time only! halloween party parfait

It's coming again this year.

That scary Halloween.

What kind of disguise

How are you going to cheer yourself up?

It's exciting.

Along with the growing feeling, from the friendly cafe

Recommended menu.

“Halloween Party Parfait” ¥957 (eat-in only)

The theme of this parfait is “disguise”.

The Cocoa Friendly in the foreground is whipped and turned into a ghost.

I'm desperate to be myself, but it doesn't go well.

On the left is Sweet Potato Friendly who is dedicated to waving flags.

Wearing a black hat and cloak as if floating in the air

Plain Friendly is full of confidence that she has become a witch.

A parfait with such an atmosphere where everyone is enjoying Halloween.

Purple sweet potato ice cream, jersey milk ice cream, and mango sorbet

Three ice creams, spider web chocolate, colorful fruits and

Topped with Star Ramune.

copper? It's getting busier and a little more fun, isn't it?


If you don't eat the parfait, I'll play a trick on you.