Milk sundae with coffee and caramel ice cream

The corona misfortune is also about to end.

I am slowly getting back to "normal" life.

For about three years, the state of being squeezed under various restrictions

For those who were forced, it feels like a sense of liberation.

If there is a beginning, there is always an end.

However, hygiene management and lifestyle during this period are also meaningful for human beings.

Did it come to have meaning? not all bad things

When I think that I have learned something important, this is it

Wasn't it good?

Such a tough story is around here.

Let's start Golden Week.

Enjoy it as much as you want.

I prepared a limited-time sundae, so please try it.

"Milk sundae with coffee and caramel ice cream" ¥880

A little adult atmosphere.

From the bottom, sponge cake, salted caramel ice cream,

Corn flakes and crushed coffee jelly.

Yirgache Femocha coffee over Hokkaido soft serve ice cream

Drizzle it over for a slightly sweet taste.

Finally friendly hot cake and coconut sable,

Serve with cocoa cream cookies.

Don't go overboard and act moderately!

With the meaning that it is a little adult image

I made sweets.

Thoughts are always LOVE & PEACE!