A parfait full of autumn atmosphere is here!

Feel the cool air.

The mornings and evenings are getting cooler

I'm encountering Those sweaty hot days are over

A little loneliness of telling and the most comfortable

I can see the uplifting feeling that the season has come.

Relaxing at the cafe is just right.

Special menus from your favorite restaurants

Try ordering.

① Black sesame and astringent skin chestnut ice cream Shiratama black honey parfait ¥ 880 (TO ¥ 864) * Left photo

Japanese-style sweets. Fragrant black sesame ice cream and

Astringent chestnut ice cream with chewy rice flour dumplings and black honey

Pour plenty. Calm atmosphere unique to autumn

Perform yourself. Ah, relaxing.

②Belgian chocolate and burnt butter salted caramel ice cream banana parfait ¥880 (TO ¥864) *Photo right

Belgian chocolate ice cream with a bit of bitterness, and

Rich burnt butter flavored salted caramel ice cream.

The compatibility of caramel sauce and banana is also excellent.

The color also makes me feel autumn somewhere. Classic sweets that never go out of style.

Finally, the recent situation where restrictions are disappearing to return to the usual daily life.

Although it is unpredictable, socio-economic activities will gradually increase

I hope they become more active.

The true meaning of "everyone's smile" is already here.

A little more, a little more.