Mini tote "Baby Roo" site sales start to enjoy colors

Thank you for waiting!
We will start selling mini totes on the official website, which are popular at stores.

ROOTOTE's "Baby Roo" series is a mini-sized tote bag perfect for carrying your smartphone and small items when going out.
The bright colors make you feel a little brighter. ✨
Even if you have a favorite color, you'll be excited 😊

The material is made of recycled cotton made from cutting scraps and fabrics that are no longer needed at sewing factories.

What is recycled cotton?
Fabrics that would normally be discarded are sorted by color and reused.
A new fabric is created while making the most of the original fibers.
We do not use water, chemical fibers, or dyes because the process of re-dyeing is unnecessary.
That's why it's so eco-friendly. 🤗

As a result, the fabric may have sticky threads, uneven threads, or the adhesion of cotton scum and fine fibers.
As a sign of recycled cotton,
We hope you will continue to use it. ✨

Just put your smartphone and what you need in it,
Perfect for shopping in the neighborhood or going out for lunch. ✨

Please find your favorite color.