We will be selling happy bags at the beginning of next year as well.

This time, the eco bag you are looking at. Marche Shopper mini size.

It's something that will come in handy if you keep it in your bag.

And this is the contents↓

In addition to the standard pancakes, cookies are also available.

Two types of badges and postcards with 2024 designs.

Furthermore, a motif day bag made of nylon fabric,

In addition, a few random miscellaneous items are included,

3,520 yen including tax.

As always, quantities are extremely limited.

First come first served.

We are sorry, but we cannot accept delivery or hold orders.

Please try the Friendly Cafe Happy Bag to pray for good luck.

Please try to get it.

Even in 2023, we will continue to cause trouble to everyone, and yet

Thank you very much for your patronage.

thank you very much.

Next year, 2024, we will open from 12:00 on Wednesday, January 3rd.

Let's meet again.

I'm trying to stay in good health so I don't catch a cold.

be careful.

Happy new year to all of you.