MR.FRIENDLY's 35th Anniversary & April 14th Friendly Day "4.14 LOVE ART PEACE Exhibition"

MR.FRIENDLY's 35th anniversary & April 14th friendly day commemoration
"4.14 LOVE ART PEACE Exhibition"

An art exhibition will be held to commemorate MR. FRIENDLY's 35th birthday and Friendly Day on April 14th.

The works on display this time are by artist Mr. TK (Mista Tike), whose works are already exhibited at the official shop "MR.FRIENDLY Cafe". He is an official artist who has a contract with MR.FRIENDLY. Works including new works such as paintings and sculptures will be exhibited at the Upstairs Gallery in Daikanyama. Works will also be on sale at the venue.

Please feel free to visit us. We'll be expecting you.

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MR.FRIENDLY's 35th anniversary & April 14th friendly day commemoration
" 4.14 LOVE ART PEACE Exhibition"

Schedule April 4 (Tue)-14 (Fri), 2023
Time 13:00-18:00 (only on the last day until 17:00)
Venue Upstairs Gallery
SP Building 2F, 2-18-6 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

free entrance

Artist Mr.TK

Sponsored by Super Planning Co., Ltd. Contact Upstairs Gallery

<About 4.14 LOVE ART PEACE exhibition>

This exhibition is an art exhibition of Super Planning's popular character, "MR. FRIENDLY".

Mr. Friendly is a character born in 1988 with the concept of "Let's get along with friends." Over the past 35 years, it has made great progress as a “product” and has supported many people with its loving expression of troubled eyebrows. Loved by enthusiastic fans in Europe, America and Asia, Mr. Friendly's friendship transcends national borders.

Mr. Friendly, which used to be such a "product", will now be exhibited in the gallery as a "work" through the intervention of an artist. In the first place, the difference between a "product" and a "work" is ambiguous, and neither a perfect "product" nor a "work" exists. This is especially true in modern art, where the medium of expression is diversifying and the emphasis is on concepts. From a different point of view, Mr. Friendly, which used to be a "product", is now a "work". you can go

There is great meaning in capturing Mr. Friendly as an art now. This is because we are in a situation where we have to raise the concept of Mr. Friendly, "Let's get along with our friends," on a global scale. By turning Mr. Friendly into art, this concept will become a question to the world and spread widely, building a single symbol of peace. But at the same time, becoming art also means going from there to new possibilities. The drawings and sculptures on display will allow viewers to freely interpret and interpret them, and by doing so, the rich and unique relationship between people and Mr. Friendly will be further enhanced than ever before. is born. As art, Mr. Friendly looks kindly at the world and people, giving them a free and rich life.

Mr. Friendly may have already made a start as an art because it has remained firmly in the hearts of many people for 35 years. And with this exhibition as an opportunity, it will become an even more public, yet private and deep art work.

<April 14 Friendly Day>

"Friendly Day" is a day when everyone in the world gets along.
It is a day to wish and think, "I want friends to be important and that all nature, including people, animals, and trees, should be on good terms."
Actually, it would be nice if we could hope, pray, spend our days, and share this with everyone, but that is not the case. So, if everyone in the world could share this "thought" at least once a year, the world would be full of smiles and love. It was enacted on April 14, 2000 as a memorial day in the sense that "friends are good yo (414) ne!" We are always together, so please tell your loved ones on Friendship Day that you can't express your feelings.
"thank you for always"

*April 14th Friendly Day is registered with the Japan Anniversary Association.