WhiteDay ♡ Thank You Parfait

After Valentine's Day, I think about White Day.

In the speed of this dizzying flow of time at the event event

I can't keep up.

But the warm atmosphere of White Day

It's also a great opportunity to borrow and convey your gratitude.

It would be nice to be able to properly say "thank you".

Well, from Mr. Friendly Cafe

I made a limited menu to convey my daily gratitude.

“WhiteDay ♡ Thank You Parfait” ¥990 (eat-in only)

In the white day design mug,

Put sponge cake & fruit on top and 3 types of ice cream

(salted caramel ice cream, jersey milk ice cream, custard ice cream)

Topped with heart marshmallows coated with white chocolate

Topped with petit shoe chocolate.

Friendly hotcakes with yellow flags lined up

Smiling as if dancing in the air.

This pastel-colored parfait is available for a limited time until March 14th White Day.

With gratitude.

I keep thinking "thank you"

It's a word that makes you positive when you say it.

A new seasonal parfait menu is also available.

“Strawberry and custard ice cream berry parfait” ¥880 (TO¥864)

Strawberry ice cream and custard ice cream yellow and pink

Spring-like colors make you feel the change of seasons.

Topped with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

Further polish the production.

The menu of the shop has changed! What

A new feeling comes up and it's going to be fun.

The warm season of visiting cafes is coming soon...